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Matthew Steele



‘Participating in the Vis Moot was one of the most rewarding challenges of my academic career. It not only exposed me to the world of arbitration, it also allowed me to establish friendships with students, academics and practitioners from around the world.’

Matthew Steele

My name is Matt Steele and I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Law, Development and Globalisation in the School of Law at SOAS. I am originally from Boston in the United States, but have lived in the UK for the past 5 years, during which time I gained my undergraduate degree from the University of St Andrews in International Relations and Philosophy. I decided to join the Vis Moot team at SOAS as I wanted to broaden my understanding of commercial law and also wanted to gain practical exposure to legal debating. Thus far, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping construct the comprehensive memoranda required for the first stages of the Moot, and I look forward to developing our verbal arguments in preparation for Vienna. Upon completing my Master’s, I hope to practice law in the UK.


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