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Nimisha Sara Philip



Nimisha Sara Philip

Grüß Gott’! I am from India, born and raised in the absolutely delightful muddle! I am currently studying my LLB at SOAS, though this is my second degree, my first degree being English Literature Honours in St. Stephen’s University (set up by Cambridge in India). I have also had the opportunity to do sixteen legal internships in different law firms and NGO’s in India, USA and UK, which has really sealed my interest in pursuing International Arbitration and one of my main reasons for joining the prestigious VIS moot. After graduation, I hope to qualify as a solicitor in England and India specialising in International Arbitration with a special focus on India.

I have always taken a great delight in mooting, as it has helped me stretch my practical advocacy skills. The charged atmosphere triggered by a room full of budding intelligent lawyers from very different legal backgrounds is a splendid experience. Up until now, the pre-moots have given me a great practical experience of arbitration, from constructing the memoranda to helping the team develop verbal arguments. As a member of the SOAS Team, I focused on our submissions relating to the jurisdictional issues. I had a foretaste in our pre-moots which has helped me a great deal in analysing argument structures, incorporating constructive feedback and really having a taste of the diversity in the competition on the international scale as well as meeting and making some great friends along the way.

I am very grateful to Dr Onyema and the team for allowing me to participate.  My mooting skills were considerably honed by my interactions with my teammates. I would definitely recommend it as a great opportunity to network in this specialised field of Arbitration. I look forward to an intellectually stimulating time in Vienna! ‘Wir Kommen!’



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